01. It is [critical] that society look after the homeless, especially in winter.
02. Her father was [critically] injured in a car accident.
03. Coffee is [critical] to the economy of Ethiopia, with exports of some $260 million in 2000.
04. The economy of Greenland is [critically] dependent on exports of fish, and substantial support from the Danish Government, which supplies about half of government revenues.
05. The Battle of the Plains of Abraham was a [critical] moment in the history of Canada.
06. This next speech could be a [critical] point in the presidential campaign.
07. Diversifying our clientele is [critical] to our business plan.
08. The country is suffering from a [critical] shortage of skilled labor.
09. One man is dead, and another [critically] injured following a fight in a downtown bar.
10. The driver of the car that crashed into a telephone poll is said to be in [critical] condition.
11. The boss was very [critical] of the report, and wants it revised.
12. Gustave LeBon believed that in crowds, individuals lose their [critical] faculties, rendering them suggestible and easily manipulated.
13. The President made remarks which were [critical] of his running mate during the campaign.
14. Bernard Malamud once said that a writer is a spectator, looking at everything with a highly [critical] eye.
15. Louis Brandeis once stated that anyone who [critically] analyzes a business learns this: that the success or failure of an enterprise depends usually upon one man.
16. John Fowles once said that duty largely consists of pretending that the trivial is [critical].
17. Donald Rumsfeld once suggested that it isn't making mistakes that's [critical]; it's correcting them, and getting on with the principal task.
18. Benjamin Disraeli once remarked, "How much easier it is to be [critical] than to be correct."
19. Lloyd Provost once said that creative thinking should be viewed as an essential supplement to, though not a replacement for, [critical] thinking.
20. Biological activity in your brain plays a [critical] role in processes involving thinking, acting and feeling.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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